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Course Overview 

Implementing a Universal Service Funds (USF) is one of the three methods that may be used to deliver utility services to underserved and un-served areas. Following onto the liberalisation of many economies around the world, operators of the communications sectors are generally at liberty to choose the areas in which they operate. Normally operators chose to operate in those areas that offer them better returns on their investments such as the urban areas. The areas that they opt not to operate in become the underserved or un-served areas.In order to ensure that all people in a country are served, there are specific interventions that are carried out in the underserved and un-served areas in order for there to be communication for all people in the country and therefore achieve Universal Access. 

This course is intended to give an understanding of Universal Service Principle and Practices, regulatory issues and trends affecting USF in the sub-Sahara Africa in particular and globally in general.During the training, participants will be taken through intervention models, USF business Models, USF Project implementation, Project Monitoring and Evaluation of USF, models of Administration and Management of USF and trends in policy and regulatory implications of USF. Participants will undertake practical field study visits as part of the training. 

Course Objectives

 After completion of this course participants should be able to : 

=>Understand the key principles and practice of USF

 =>Design and implement different USF business models

 =>Set up and Manage USF successfully 

=>Design Universal Service License Agreements 

=>Develop USF monitoring and evaluation tools 

=>Develop and implement the parameters

 =>Develop Management and Administration Models of USF 

=>Demonstrate an understanding of USF trends and the policy/regulatory implications of these trends; 

 Who Should Attend 

USF Board members, Managers / Officers responsible for implementation of USF.

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