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Result Based Project Monitoring & Evaluation Master Class

Course Overview

 This course focuses on building the capacity of professionals by providing training in results-based monitoring and evaluation tools techniques.The course will examine the nature of causation ; dealing with issues of attribution ; conceptual and technical considerations associated with experimental and quasi experimental designs; as well as alternative strategies for causal analysis. A typical impact evaluation question would be : Did this programmw (and not anything else) cause a change in the state of affairs or the condition of recipients ? 

 Course Objectives

 After completion of this course participants should be able to : 

=>Gain confidence to apply the skills and knowledge of M&E work results activities

 =>Describe how improved understanding of how M&E can improve project quality while promoting learning and accountability 

=>Be better managers and consumers of evaluations conducted by others 

Who should to attend 

=> Public Sector & NGO Officers involved in Monitoring and Evaluation, individual consultants and Project Managers.

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