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Course Overview

 As human capital becomes increasingly important to business success, future organization leaders must be as adept at competing for talent and building and deploying talent resources. Delegates who are or aspiring to become management executives will find this course useful in providing sound principles of human capital to make better decisions about the talent in their organizations. 

Leaders must connect the investments in human capital management (such as training, leadership, career development, staffing and organizational design) to the critical pivot points that affect the organization’s strategic success.They must learn to achieve organizational success by skillfully using the leverage provided by human capital management. Human capital managers will find this course useful in creating a logical and tangible connection between their work and the success of the organization. 

The course positions human capital leaders as partners in talent decisions, working with business executives to affect the core mission and strategic outcomes of their organization. It proceeds from the premise that managers must learn to enhance their decisions about human capital in their respective organizations. 

 The purpose of this course is to enhance delegates’ understanding of human capital stragey in an organization in order to assist in their development as an effective organizational leader. It is your “people skills” that will ultimately have the most impact on ability to have sustainable success in the workplace. This course focuses on the essential practices of human capital and how those practices impact organizational performance. Delegates will learn skills to align human capital objectives and budgets with the organisations’s mission and understand the role of metrics and data in identifying desired outcomes and measuring progress toward the identified outcomes. 

 Course Objectives 

 After completion of this course participants should be able to :

 =>Acquire a historical overview of strategic human capital management 

=>Understand how to utilize data in strategic human capital management 

=>Understand the strategic human capital management framework, strategic alignment and workforce planning and deployment 

=>Develop Human Capital Strategy aligned to Coroprate Strategy 

=>Develop a results-oriented performance culture

 =>Learn the basics of knowledge management 

 Who should to attend 

=>Human Capital Professionals 

=>Line Managers 

=>Corporate Services Managers

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