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Course Overview 

This course examines and establishes the fundamental theories, concepts, domains, techniques and terminology that are essential for every business and information technology professional who is involved in data warehousing. Participants are introduced to best practice approaches and structures for data warehouse development and implementation. Common definitions and characteristics of data warehouses, data warehouse architectures, readiness issues, incremental data warehouse project planning, data warehouse strategy and mistakes to avoid all receive special emphasis.The course concentrates on data warehouse deliverables independent of any specific methods, but within the framework of best practices. It focuses on understanding deliverables that may be produced throughout the data warehouse process and issues reasons for producing them. This course closes with exploration for practical next steps that participants can take. This includes steps further to develop knowledge and skills, to position oneself for success, and to get started with data warehousing 

 Course Objectives 

After completion of this course participants should be able to : 

=>Understand and apply the concepts, processes and principles of data warehousing 

=>Identify the components of a data warehouse architecture

 => Be familiar with data warehouse terminology

 =>Identify success and risk factors of data warehousing 

=>Place deliverables within the context of a comprehensive data warehousing process

 =>Take practical steps to begin a success data warehousing initiative 

 Who should attend 

=>Anyone new to data warehousing 

=>Those who want to review the fundamentals of data warehousing from a best practices standpoint 

=>Business and systems managers who are evaluating implementation of data warehousing system

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