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Course Overview

 This course introduces participants the basics of the strategy execution world, giving them the best practices regarding measurements, helping them to take a first step towards implementing the Balanced Scorecard within their organisations. The course will provide participants with an understanding on how to build robust KPIs and how these are integrated in a performance management framework for their organizations, regardless organisation type, private, government or non-profit sector.

 The course will walk participants through the basics of defining measures and KPIs, and their relation with the BSC. The Course will clarify the concepts like measures, indicators, KPIs, KRIs, KCI and other jargon of the performance management . Finally the course will help participants understand how to get the most out of the Balanced Scorecard, a core component of a strategy execution and performance management framework. This is an “action learning” course. Participants will be asked to work on their own challenges, using own examples and own materials.

Course Objectives

 After completion of this course participants should be able to : 

=>Be introduced to the concept of Strategy Execution. 

=>Learn how to develop a robust and effective Balanced Scorecard and use it as a strategy management system.=>Understand the role of the Balanced Scorecard as a performance management toolSee many examples from other organisations and industries,

 =>learn their success histories and their previous failures. 

=>Develop their own Scorecard and KPIs

 Who should to attend 

=>Officials in private and public organisations, from analysts to managers and directors in charge of strategy, planning, performance management, business intelligence, etc., who are seeking to either implement or refine their performance management frameworks.

 =>HR Professionals in charge of performance management

 =>No previous experience in Balanced Scorecard is required. 

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