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About us 

Centram, the Centre for Talent Re-engineering And Management is a leading future workforce capacity building Institute with over eight years’ demonstrated experience in training and consulting services across Africa and Asia,

Founded in 2007 in Uganda, Centram, formally Manpower Development International (MDI) is a specialized strategy and applied management Institute promoting information & human capital development for the 21st century. We are humbled for having been entrusted to trained hundreds of participants from public and private sector organizations and government departments across Africa; notably from: Tanzania; Zambia; Kenya; Malawi; Lesotho; Swaziland; Gambia; Ghana; Uganda; South Sudan and Zimbabwe to mention but a few. 

As a market leader in the future workforce human capital development, we undertake future workforce skills gaps analysis in collaboration with our esteem clients to identify critical capacity development needs to be addressed. 

We undertake scheduled training programmes including certification courses and onsite corporate training and consulting for our esteemed clients. We also organize Annual Professional Development Summit (APDS) on emerging global trends and topical professional issues, where panel of experts make discuss topical and emerging issues in different disciplines. 

We are a proud to be associated with the thought leaders in industry, the leading IT certification Centers and we are a member of the National Chamber of Commerce of Uganda, and we have actively participated in regional and international industry fora. We have a pool of experienced and dedicated consultants to deliver future workforce skills training and consulting services across Africa. 

Our Mission is to improve current workplace productivity in Africa through the development of future workforce skills.

  Our Vision is to be the training centre of choice for professional development in Africa by 2020.  

 Why we are a top training destination in Africa Value for Money

We understand the need to work within client budgets; however; rather than trying to be the lowest cost service provider and sacrifice quality; we aim at proving the highest value for money that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our training services are delivered by dedicated team of professionals who go extra miles to ensure that our clients receive value for money services. 

Training Facilities 

 We are aware that participants are our partners and are busy professionals who value their time. We have therefore developed a stress free learning methodology that gives participants opportunities to develop their skills and acquire knowledge in a piscine environment. We use up to date business case studies to underscore applied management and business dynamics. We have state of the art training facilities with modern training tools. In addition our participants are provided with take home laptops or androids and other accessories.


Kampala, our main training center is one of cities with the lowest cost of living in Africa, with competitive hotels and abundant local and continental dishes. The decent hotels and apartments in Kampala are in the ranges of USD 20- US$ 50 per night. Other training destinations are Kigali, Arusha in East Africa and Dubai, Abu Dhabi in UAE, Delhi in India, Guangzhou in China and Mauritius. The training centers in India, UAE, China and Mauritius are for group training with a minimum of 5 participants per course. 

Tourist Attraction 

 While in Uganda; participants take time off to visit tourist attraction sites; courtesy of CENTRAM Management. The notable and nearby tourist sites are the famous source of the River Nile which flows all the way from Uganda to Egypt; putting Uganda on the map of biblical events where Moses was found floating on River Nile and Jesus Christ taking the water of the Nile while in exile in Egypt. Other tourist sites are, the equator crossing, where you will experience earth magnetic phenomena; Kasubi Tombs where the ancient Kings of Buganda were buried as far back as the 13th Century; etc. 

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Our team 
Oluf Rygh, a professor of linguistics
Oluf Rygh, a professor of linguistics
Kristine Ing, a professor of linguistics, teacher
Kristine Ing, a professor of linguistics, teacher
Ivar Olsen, an associate professor, teacher
Ivar Olsen, an associate professor, teacher

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